Clarified Butter-

     One of my favorite things to make!  Probably because it doesn’t take long and you only need one ingredient.  BUTTER!  If done carefully you will end up with almost 100% pure butterfat.  Pure butterfat has a much higher smoke point than regular butter.  This makes it much more useful when building different flavor profiles with your dishes. 

Equipment needed:

-small saucepan

-mason jar with a lid

-a small funnel

-coffee filters

-metal spoon


1 Pound of unsalted butter

Let’s get into it!

Start off by cutting the sticks into 1 TBS chunks.  After all of the butter has been placed into the pot turn the heat on low.

After all of the butter has melted it will separate by weight.  The water will go to the bottom and the milk protein will float to the top.  The pure butterfat will be in the middle.  This takes about ten minutes on low heat.  Adjust your times by the amount your making.

Now it’s time to use your spoon to skim the foam off of the top.  Be careful not to scoop out the butterfat below the foam.  I usually use a paper towel and a paper plate to empty the spoon.  Once all of the milk protein has been removed it’s time to pour the butterfat into a coffee filter and funnel.

This takes a steady hand and a slow pour.  Remember everything is still hot so be careful not to get burned!  You want to leave the water at the bottom of the pot.  Once you get as much of the butterfat as you can to strain through the filter your all done!  The jar of clarified butter will keep for months in the fridge.

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