What is this “Hero Challenge” I keep hearing about?

We started doing our “Hero Challenges” about a year ago. First the burger challenge, then the pizza challenge. We have had a seafood challenge, sky’s the limit pork, and a hot dog challenge as well. Each one has been so much fun to watch, and we hope it has been fun for all who participate as well.

What is a “Hero Challenge”? I am glad you asked. Backyard BBQ Heroes is a group of like minded folks who love to cook outdoors for our family and friends. We thought it would be fun to challenge our group to cook a dish and post pictures of it where all members can see, and describe the process. What the ingredients are, how you prepared them. How you cooked it, the finished product and description of how it tasted.

We love to flex our superhero culinary capabilities, and show the world how well we can grill a pizza on a Weber kettle, or smoke a pork butt on an offset smoker, or the classic hot dog over an open fire.

One of the reasons this has been so much fun to participate inand watch is that we are supportive and encouraging. We strive to maintain a supportive atmosphere in the group. Regardless of your experience, you can be part of the challenge and have fun doing it, knowing that you will not be mocked or made fun of if you mess up. Believe me, I have messed up my share of BBQ.

Learning from others and developing my cooking abilities has been so valuable to me. Before we started the group last summer, I thought I was a skilled BBQer. Since participating in Backyard BBQ Heroes, I have only experienced growth and development in my cooking abilities. Knowing I could reach out to the group with questions about how to do something always gives me courage that I will not end up burning or destroying the dish.

Our most recent challenge, the “Dutch Oven Hero Challenge” was a blast. From the moment Bob Trudnak (BBQ Guru, one of our awesome sponsors) and Rob Bower suggested it, I knew this one was going to be fun. I went out and got my own cast iron dutch oven and started learning.

We had so many people participate, the most to date on any challenge. This one did not let us down, it was fun to watch and see the great stuff people came up with, from delicious main courses to awesome desserts, and everything in between.

The winner of this challenge, chosen by Bob Trudnak, was Lander Martin. Lander has never let us down with his fun to watch videos of every step of the process. He is always so creative and I for one have a blast watching his challenge videos. Check out Lander’s youtube channel and see for yourself.

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So if you are a grilling enthusiast who loves to share your super hero abilities with others, or you are just learning how to grill and smoke meat, you are welcome here. We recognize there are many challenges and difficulties in life, our goal is to encourage and help in the midst of whatever you are facing. We are a family page, meaning kids and grandkids are welcome to be a part of the fun. Rob’s grandkids are always in on the fun at Papa Roc’s house of BBQ (Rob’s house), so we keep post on the page clean and kid friendly. We do not engage in political or religious talks either. Our focus is on what keeps us united, “Heating that meat”.

If this sounds fun to you, please join our group on Facebook. You can find us at Backyardbbqheroes on Facebook. Our next challenge is coming up soon, so watch for the pinned post in the group feed for instructions on how to enter and participate.