Bryant C’s “6 Cheese Pastrami Bacon Cheeseburger Fatty”

6 cheese pastrami bacon cheeseburger fatty.

1 pound 80/20 ground beef


Swiss, cheddar, colby jack, pepper jack, bleu cheese and goat cheese crumbles

Grilled mushrooms and onions


I grilled the onions and mushrooms in olive oil until tender. Made my bacon weave and placed the rolled out hamburger in the weave. I then put the pastrami and cheese on. Followed by the grilled veggies. Wrapped it up and put it in my Masterbuilt smoker for 2.5 hours at 250. Viola!

Steve C’s “Sucklebuster’s Sweet and Spicy Fatty”

I’m calling this the Suckle Busters Sweet and Spicy Fatty.

I used Suckle Busters rub throughout this Fatty.

The inside was lined with Swiss cheese, cheddar/pepper jack shredded cheese.

Pace medium chunky salsa and Famous Daves Signature Spicy Pickle spears.

I used D.L. Jardines 5 star BBQ sauce towards the end to bring the Sweet to the outside of this Fatty.

I chose pickles for the inside only because I had never seen it done before. They held their flavor and texture perfectly.

Total cook time here was 3.5 hours. I had to re coal and chip twice. Rested for 30 minutes.

Maintained around 235 degrees on the grill, 300 at the vent on the Weber.

Martin D’s “The All American”

I started by grinding 2lbs of beef chuck, then grinding 2lbs of pork butt. I mixed by hand, then ran the combined mix through the grinder again. I separated the mix into two bags, and using a rolling pin, rolled them out into squares. I’m making 2 fatties.

Then I cut up a large russet potato into matchstick style fries. Coated with olive oil and Murrays Greek Seasoning. Into a 450degree oven for 30-minutes. I pre-cooked this ingredient so it wouldn’t turn to mush in the fatty. This made plenty of fries for both fatties, with some left over to snack on.

The bacon weave. I used thick-cut hickory smoked bacon, off the store shelf. 16 pieces per weave.

I cut the plastic bag leaving only the bag underneath the meat. This made it easy to pick up, then flip over onto the bacon weave.

I added the fries, 1c Tillamook medium cheddar, 3/4c of diced white onions, and 1/2c of secret burger sauce. The second fatty is exactly like this, sans onions for those in my family who do not like onions. What a bunch of savages. Anyway, this is the “burger theme” I was going for. I figured it was a good idea for eating plain, or making into a sandwich. I’ve never made a fatty, so I filled this so the burger sauce wouldn’t make the fries all goopy. That’s why I layered the fillings this way.

I started rolling from the end with the fries. I pushed in the ground meat ends, then folded in the bacon ends.

I switched to a Chargriller Duo 2 years ago (got rid of full-size Chargriller with side smoke box, my Weber kettle, and Weber propane grill). This would be the first time smoking on the smaller Duo. I removed the grate above the air intake. I fashioned a piece of perforated stainless steel to make a sort of tapered firebox, which rested on the remaining grates. I placed a drip pan with a mix of 12oz Rainier beer, and 12oz Fremont Brewing Pale Ale.

I knew temperature would be an issue, so I did a small batch of Kingsford briquettes, poured into my rigged firebox, and started watching the temp. I removed briquettes until I maintained a steady 275. I used s charcoal chimney on the Duo’s side burner.

Temperature control was not easy at all. Not only was I fighting the weird setup I made, but the outside temperature started dropping rapidly after the first hour of these being put on. I used soaked cherry wood chips for smoke because I wanted a mellow smoke flavor. I’ve never smoked ground meat (that wasn’t in a casing), so I was trying to be cautious.

After 1-hour, the outside temp went from 52 to 42. The fire needed constant monitoring to keep temp stable.

It ended up taking 3hrs15min in my “smoker”. Internal temp was monitored with a handheld digital probe. Internal temp stalled at 130 about 2 1/2hours into it. I fed the fire to get up to 350 in the chamber to finish it off. I was worried about drying it out, but had to finish it. I moved both fatties to the propane side for 5 minutes to crisp the bacon up.

Pulled fatties off grill when internal temp hit 160. I tented with foil, brought  inside, and let rest for 10 minutes. Internal temp hit 167, so we were good to go. Everything held together great. I was pleased with the separation of ingredients, but you could taste them all together. Fries still had shape and flavor, same with onions. Great smoke ring, great flavors.

Don B’s “Bacon Explosion”

Please see my attached photos. Guess this is calleded a bacon explosion and my bacon wrapped looks like it exploded. Presentation skills are in the “overall look”  not the weave. Haha It did however tastes really good.

Had a lot of fun,  BYBBQ Heroes is a great group  THIS Super Bowl trophy is dedicated to most of  YOU ALL & to our teams that aren’t going to be in it.

Ingredients are a small smoked brisket on my new green, used, Weber.

Fine premium organic ground beef and organic bacon. This way I can get away with saying that I’m eating healthy.

Fresh chopped-up onions, bell pepper and olives with light spring sprinkling of olive oil and garlic. And fresh chopped up whole mushrooms.

Chopped up the brisket and then quickly ground pieces of it in the blender. If this was a stand-alone meatloaf it would be the best one I’ve ever tasted, no brag just fact.

However using the word stand-alone, did not apply here,  as the skewers popped out the side, and it didn’t stand. Believe though,  it was my lack of weave expertise.

Had a lot of fun thought, the last video will show 50 of us barbecuing,someday? 

Go Hero’s



PS the Mrs say no more BBQ gadgets.