Brian’s Baby Back Ribs

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1-Rack baby back ribs

Your favorite pork rub

Plain yellow mustard

Barbeque sauce


Grill or smoker

Charcoal of choice

Charcoal chimney

Applewood chunks


Grill grate thermometer

To start things off fill a chimney full of charcoal and get them lit…

Now it’s time to prep the ribs. This recipe works for both spare and baby back ribs. I used baby backs this time.  Start off by cutting the loose fat and meat left behind by the butcher.  Then flip the rack over and remove the membrane.  You can also leave it on and score it a few times.

I prefer to remove it.  With the membrane removed and the rack trimmed it’s time to apply a thin coating of mustard.  The mustard is used as an adherent to help the rub stick better.  It will not add any flavor to the meat.  Now is a good time to check your grill or smoker to see where the pit temperature is.  Adjust your vents to maintain between 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.   Now it’s rub time!  Shake on your favorite pork rub on all sides of the rack.  Don’t forget to hit the edges of the rack as well. Even though it’s called a rub DON’T!  Shaking the rub on will give you a nice even coating.

After 4-5 hours it’s time to set a glaze. This time varies person to person depending on how tender you want your rack to be. Brush on a thin coat of your BBQ sauce and close the lid. I usually check on them after ten minutes. 20 minutes is a good average to go by. When the glaze is set your ready to bring them in. It’s a good idea to let them rest a few minutes before slicing since they will be hot.

This is a solid recipe that will result in a great rack of ribs. The size of the racks, rubs used, sauces, times, temperatures and personal preference on tenderness will change to your liking. I hope this recipe works for you and good luck on your rib cook!

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